Autopsy Reveals that Excessive Beatings Led to Death of OFW Found in Freezer

The Filipino community is grieving the death of the Filipina whose body was found in a freezer some days ago. It was revealed that her body had been in that freezer for at least one year.


An autopsy performed on the body of Joanna Demafelis by a forensic doctor in Kuwait revealed that the domestic helper died due to excessive beatings. The daily abuse she received led to multiple bruises and injuries on her body but the last ones caused internal bleeding.

Some of her ribs were broken and she received a lot of trauma on her hips, leading to injuries on her kidneys.

The forensic experts are still trying to determine whether Demafelis was already dead when she was placed inside the freezer or if her employers had placed her there to die after the beatings.

According to Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Pedro Villa, it seemed that the worker’s Lebanese and Syrian employers tried to cover their tracks by reporting that Demafelis had supposedly ran away from their home on November 6, 2016.

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Then, the two had fled the country because the Lebanese husband had fraud charges in the country. Before fleeing, the guy made specific instructions to the landlord to not open the apartment unit as there were valuables inside, something that the landlord followed.

What they didn’t know is that the Pinay’s body was frozen inside. Based on the investigations, the freezer was kept on all those months; although it is unknown whether the Lebanese man had paid for the apartment rent in advance or if the electricity bills were also being paid monthly as the power has not been cut off.

The Kuwaiti Minister of Interior has coordinate with the Interpol to help find the couple.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the body of Demafelis will arrive in the Philippines on February 16.

Source: rachfeed

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