Heartbreaking Video Of OFW Mother Leaving Her Son To Work Abroad

The heartbreaking video footage of an OFW mother leaving her son at the airport to work abroad goes viral after it was posted on the social media.

The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) were usually having a tough and difficult life of working abroad just to provide the financial needs of the families.

Most of our fellow countrymen were forced to work abroad because of the lack of opportunities and insufficient monthly income in the Philippines.


Recently, the Facebook page “Balitang OFW’s” has uploaded a heartbreaking video footage of an OFW mother leaving her son at the airport.

In the video, it can be seen that the young boy seems won’t let go of his mother who was set to leave the country to work abroad.


The young boy didn’t even cry, but the netizens noticed the emotion of the child who was saddened when his mother left for work.

The video has a caption of:

“Ba-bye na muna anak, aalis muna si Mama!

Kahit hindi man umiiyak yung bata, pero mararamdaman mo ang emosyon niya.. “

The social media users expressed their sympathy for the tear-jerking scene of the child and its OFW mother. Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

Carina Alumisin: “I always see this kind of emotions in the airport. I pity the child and mother. It’s too hurting. I wish Filipino parents will have a good income in the Philippines so that they’ll not leave their children.”

Guia Coronel Plando: “Kya nxt tym di nalang isama ang anak…kung pwede lang pag alis sa bahay igala muna yung bata/ilibang libang sa mall sa.maiwan para hindi tau makita pag alis.”

Young Bloods: “Victim of things we cant maintain .. I WISH SOMEDAY IT WILL END THAT NO MORE FILIPINO OFW NEED TO GO OUT JUST TO WORK OUT SIDE THE COUNTRY… I had a feeling it will end soon because free education is already available and corrupt official are going down one at a time.”

Jovita Bongdol: “ Be firm mga momsie, sa bahay palang pag cnabi monang babye, leave them na..wag yung magtake kpa ng moment para mas ma-hurt kayu lalo esp the kid/s. And for me, it’s better to leave them talaga sa bahay kesa isama pa sa airport, yung pagsundo nalang sila sasama.
I’ve been leaving my fam and i never wanted to see them feel hurt kaya sis ko lng kasama ko”

Lin Lan Ser: “Naawa ako sa bata,nkadurog ng puso mkita ang gnitong reaksyon ng bata,dapat sa bhay lang sna ang bata.naalala ko dti malapit narin ang alis ko pro araw2x ko pinapaalam sa anak ko lahat ng ikatuwa nya nsabi kona pra lang dh sya nalulungkot,habang tulog sya un ang alis ko dhil ayaw ko syang nkkitang umiiyak”

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Source: philnews

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