OFW Caught In A Video Fighting To Protect Herself From Her Abusive Employer Who Tries To Molest Her

Filipinos leave their family in the Philippines to take care of someone else’s family. And i swear, Filipinos go abroad not to hurt anybody but in order to provide a better life for her family for the future.

However, you can’t choose to which family you will be working. Whether they are strict, disrespectful or abusive, you still have to work for them because Filipinos simply don’t have any choice when they go abroad.


Not generalizing all employers all over the world but most of them are.

There is a new video that’s going around the social media and now going viral.

Here is the video; please do share and spread awareness for other OFW:

Female OFW filmed herself as an evidence when she tries to fight her Male employer who is clearly trying to molest her in the video.

Everybody is sharing the video to reach to whoever has the power to rescue this OFW named Lilibeth on Facebook, whether it’s from ABS-CBN, GMA or Raffy Tulfo.

She is clearly in need of rescue because according to the reports her employer already knew about the video and they wanted to talk to her when Lilibeth lock herself in a room.



Source: urdailyfeed

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