Pinay OFW Provided For Her Children Alone After Cheated By Husband

A Pinay OFW named Fe Borres Salalima from Dubai provided the needs of her children alone after cheated on by her husband.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) were having a tough and difficult life abroad enduring the hardships of being alone just to provide the financial necessities of their family and loved ones.

Fe Borres Salalima, an OFW in Dubai has supported her children alone although they have their own family as she does not expect anything from her husband anymore.


The life of Salalima in the country is not that hard until her husband began to cheat on her after giving birth to their first child.

Fe still accepts her husband although he continued to cheat over and over again until they already have 5 children. She was accepting her husband, again and again, fearing that she can’t support their children on her own.


In 2008, Salalima has decided to work abroad to support her children sending her salary to her husband.


Unfortunately, Fe’s husband spends all the money she sent for her children, so she decided to leave him and support her children aloin on 2011.

The OFW was lucky to have a nice employer. However, her employer gave her no day-off during her first two years and she was not allowed to use her phone. On her third and fourth year, her employer was dropping her on the mall for 3 hours once a month.


The Filipina worker had a day-off during her 5th and 6th year once a month. After two years, her employer was giving her at least two day-offs per month but with curfew.

Fe’s two eldest son did not finish their studies after starting to have their own family at the young age.

Salalima bought a lot in the Philippines and now saving money to build own house.

Source: philnews

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