New law issued by Qatari Cabinet to protect workers' rights

The Cabinet has issued a special draft law in an effort to protect workers’ rights and simplify litigation procedures in labour disputes.

It was after the Cabinet reviewed the recommendations of the Advisory Council on the draft law, that the move was taken. 

The new law stipulates some provisions of the Labour Law promulgated by Law No 14 of 2004 and Law No 13 of 1990 on the issuance of the civil and commercial procedures law, the Qatar News Agency (QNA) notes.


The amendment calls for the establishment of a Labour Dispute Settlement Committee, which shall be headed by a judge of the Court of First Instance chosen by the Supreme Judiciary Council and two members nominated by His Excellency the minister, with one of them having experience in accounting.

QNA states, the draft law was prepared in the framework of preserving labour rights and simplification of litigation procedures in labour disputes, while .adding that the formation of the committee, its rules and procedures, and the mechanism for implementing its decisions and their reward shall be issued by a decision of the Cabinet.

The Members of the committee shall be independent and have no authority over them in their decisions other than the law. 

Further, no person or entity may intervene in the disputes considered by the committee.

Additionally, the committee will issue its decisions expeditiously and only the Court of Appeal - may order a suspension of the execution of such decisions.

His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud pointed out that the Cabinet took the necessary measures to issue a draft law on domestic workers after reviewing the recommendations of the Advisory Council.

Author: Gaurav Sarma   

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