Murdered by father: Truth behind death of Egyptian wrestling champ

The truth behind the death of Egyptian wrestler Reem Magdy has been revealed; the senior prosecutor in Ismailiah, Kamal al-Shenawi, decided to detain Reem’s father for four days tied to investigations on charges of beating his daughter to death.

During investigations, the mother said that an argument aroused between Reem and her father during training and he began beating his daughter. On their way back, and while they were in the car, another argument erupted and the father started beating his daughter again because she wasn’t focused during training. He slapped her on her face, which made her jump out of the car and die on the spot.


Adel Mahmoud, Reem’s uncle, confirmed that his brother did not disclose the details of his daughter’s fall out of the car for fear of tarnishing his image before the public. He didn’t want to be jailed and he was worried about the family’s future.

Reem Magdy was a World Junior Champion; she died on Friday night.

A security source said that Major General Issam Ed-Din Saad, head of public security in Ismailiah, received a report about the death of a 16-year-old girl who was hit by a car while crossing the streets, 11 kilometers away from Ismailia in a hit-and-run accident.

Magdy won the bronze medal in the Cadet Wrestling World Championships held in Georgia in September and the golden medal in the Africa championship for junior wrestlers in Algeria.

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