Top five Beaches in Qatar

1. Khor Al Adaid 

Without a doubt, the major natural attraction in Qatar is the beautiful ‘inland sea’ of Khor Al Adaid, near the border with Saudi Arabia. Often described as a sea or a lake, the khor is in fact neither: rather it is a creek surrounded by silvery crescents of sand (known as barchan). All sand dunes look wonderful in the late-afternoon sun, but those of Khor Al Adaid take on an almost mystical quality under a full moon, when the sabkha (salt flats) sparkle in the gaps between the sand.


Some 60 km from Doha in the south-eastern corner of the country lies one of Qatar’s most impressive natural wonders, the ‘Inland Sea’ or Khor Al Adaid. A UNESCO recognized natural reserve with its own ecosystem, this is one of the few places in the world where the sea encroaches deep into the heart of the desert. Inaccessible by road, this tranquil expanse of water can only be reached by across the rolling dunes.

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