Food Delivery Guy Eating Out Of All The Orders In His Bag, Gets Fired

We all have our lazy, I-would prefer not to-get up days. On those days, we'd preferably order food using one of the hundreds of food delivery apps at our disposal, than cook our own food.

However, you should need to reconsider that. 

A video that has turned into a web sensation shows the delivery executive of a major food delivery app eating from the boxes of food he was supposed to deliver.

People are shocked at the blatant violation on the part of the delivery guy.

Zomato has issued an announcement condemning food-tampering and stating that the concerned person has been fired. It has also promised to implement tamper-proof packaging so that such incidents are not repeated.

A few people are additionally guarding the  delivery guy saying that he may be hungry which is the reason he depended on eating food from orders.

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