Indian police inspector killed amid violence over cow

A cop has been executed in horde brutality over supposed cow butcher in the northern Indian territory of Uttar Pradesh. Individuals from right-wing Hindu groups conflicted with police when the protest turned violent.

The police countered with a mallet charge after the  mob allegedly set fire to the police headquarters and a few vehicles stopped outside. 

Another policeman was harmed and 18-year-old protester was killed. Police in Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh, where the conflicts happened, have sent extra staff.

Cows are considered holy by India's larger part Hindu population. Numerous states have effectively begun authorizing bans on cow slaughter after the  Hindu patriot Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) shaped India's government in 2014.

So-called cow vigilantism has been on the rise and has led to several killings in the past few years.

"The local police got information about cow slaughter after which they immediately started investigating the matter," Anuj Jha, a top district official, told reporters.

"But soon after, people in the area blocked the streets and started pelting the police with stones."

Mr Jha included that cop Subodh Kumar Singh kicked the killed in the conflicts that pursued. 

It is misty where the supposed cow slaughter occurred.

Police said they were researching the incident to discover who impelled the violence.

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