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Indians stunned as Amazon sells coconut shells for Rs3,000

The seller is offering a discount after which the shell costs Rs 1,365.

A half coconut shell is being sold for Rs1,400 (Dh72 approx) on Amazon and this has left Indians stunned in dismay. The dark colored coconuts want as meager as 20 bucks in India while the shells are discarded. 

The inconceivably costly cost for the shell has raised numerous eyebrows as it has no extravagant workmanship nor is it remarkable. The thing was first spotted by an IPS officer named Rema Rajeshwari who posted a screen capture of the costly thing recorded on Amazon. 

The dealer is putting forth a markdown after which the half shell costs Rs 1365 while it initially was evaluated at Rs3000 (Dh154 approx). The dealer planning to draw consideration of purchasers, portrayed the coconut shell as a compulsory thing for Hawaiian luau parties or tropical excursions, announced NDTV. 

The vender composed on Amazon: 'Flavor up the Luau Party with Tropical Tableware! Since no luau party is finished until everything is Hawaiian, keep in mind the coconut mugs! You can utilize the Hawaiian coconut container for serving tropical beverages or as a luau table enrichment, be inventive! Holds around 4 1/2 ounces. 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" wide'. The vender likewise calls attention to that in light of the fact that the coconut shell is genuine, it might have splits, marks and blemishes. 

The IPS officer's tweet got a few stunned remarks. One Twitter client composed: 'Would you be able to check this dealer who is moving #Natural Coconut Shell Cup for Rs1365? We purchase coconut for Rs35 and in #Kerala we don't pay. How regular would this be able to be than the one that we purchase'? While someone else tweeted: 'Dear @amazonIN, If u go to my home I will give u free coconut shell in burdens'!


However, seems there were several people who actually bought the half shell and thanked Amazon for a great deal! 'Natural coconut shell.. it's used for various purposes.. showroom price would be around Rs3000.. my friend brought it at low price at Rs1300 .. great Amazon', wrote one reviewer.

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