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Man steals mobile phone, sells it to original owner

The owner saw her phone being sold online.

In an interesting turn of events, a thief in the Philippines was caught after his victim followed him in the most peculiar way. 

As per the Filipino Times, the victim was strolling along a street when her telephone was grabbed. The victim's little girl portrayed that her mother cautioned her of the burglary. She then tried to help her mother out by tracking the stolen phone's location using an app. "I took a stab tracking the telephone however without any result, the cheat could reset the telephone which incapacitates tracking,," she said. 

The mother and little girl team figured the telephone would be lost everlastingly when they discovered it being sold online by the suspect. They acted like purchasers and chose to meet the guilty party. 


Police held up till they affirmed his personality at that point captured him. At the point when gotten some information about how he came to have the stolen telephone, Richardson Garcia guaranteed that he found the telephone somewhere else. He additionally denied taking it from anybody. 

The victim selected not to squeeze charges against Garcia after the presume's mom spoke to her.

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