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Mumbai: Approximately 800,000 Protesters Bring The Rail And Road Network To A Stand Still

Mumbai woke up to 8,00,000 citizens carrying out a protest on the streets as well as on railway lines as they demanded reserved quotas in government jobs and campus selections in colleges this morning. The protesters brought both the rail and road network to a complete stand still in many parts of the central business district.
Members of the Maratha community walked on the streets waving saffron flags which according to police officials was carried out peacefully with no reports of violence as more than 10,000 policemen were guarding these areas.


After 57 marches from last year, this was the final protest as the state’s Maratha community pressed for their demands to be met. Close to 400 schools remained shut and Mumbai’s famous dabbawalas suspended their operations for the day.
The protest comes in the wake of an increase in unemployment and farmers who are unable to generate the necessary income.
Pradip Munde, a farmer from Osmanabad, a small town in almost 400km from Mumbai said that farming isn’t profitable anymore and coupled with the unavailability of jobs this protest could help ensure a better prospect for jobs and education.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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