North Korea WW3 alert forces Hawaii to FIRE its own missile

People of Hawaii were told they had minutes to get themselves to safety before it was hit by a nuclear missile.


Fortunately, the alert triggered by an administrative error, and there were no fatalities in the incident.

But state officials are now looking to beef up their defences to face up to Kim Jong-un.

The US will conduct a missile defence test on the island of Kauai designed to defend it from the tubby tyrant.

The US Missile Defense Agency is expected to fire a Raytheon SM-3 Block IIA from the Pacific Missile Range Facility.

The missile, co-developed with Japan, will target an incoming simulated ballistic.

Hawaii house of representatives member Gene Ward hopes the move will increase the island's defences.

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He said: "I am still a staunch believer that Hawaii is underdefended.

"Maybe what will be tested at Barking Sands is the answer to our problems and an answer to the many prayers that went up all over Hawaii on Jan 13."

Being 4,660 miles from North Korea, Hawaii is in direct range of Kim's intermediate and ballistic missiles.

Pacific Command director George Kailiwai added: "Against ICBMs the state of Hawaii is protected by the current ground-based defense system that we have in place.

"So the protection for Hawaii is there."

Source: dailystar

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