Pakistanis now get visa free access to 33 countries

The index ranks all the world's passports according to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa

Pakistani passport climbed two spots, positioning 102, from the past 104th spot, on the recently revealed rundown of Henley Passport Index 2019. 

The file positions all the world's visas as indicated by the quantity of goals their holders can access without an earlier visa. It is refreshed continuously as and when visa-approach changes become effective, as per reports in Dawn. 

Pakistani identification currently heads up two spots empowering the nation's international ID holders sans visa access to 33 nations. In any case, the bounce up the rankings is superior to just four different nations: Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

While Sri Lanka is on the 95th spot, India is on joint 79th spot close by Benin, Morocco, Mongolia and Armenia and Bangladesh on 97th with access to sans visa/visa-on-landing to 41 nations. The US and the UK travel papers descended at joint 6th place, with access to 185 goals. While China's kept on moving up the positioning rundown sitting on 69th spot, with access to 74 nations around the globe. 


Japanese identification was snatched the best spot on file for the second year running, offering nationals without visa access to 190 goals. Singapore keeps on holding second spot, alongside South Korea, which climbed from third place, with residents ready to get to 189 goals. 

The Henley Passport Index depends on information from the International Air Transport Association which keeps up the world's biggest and database of movement data. The record is refreshed by broad, continuous research by the Henley and Partners Research Department.

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