Selfie lands Pakistani robbers in jail. Here's how

Their love for selfie landed them in trouble.

Their affection for selfies landed two goons in the slammer after they stole a lady's cell phone at gunpoint in Karachi, Pakistan. They took selfies on the stolen telephone which got naturally transferred on the unfortunate casualty's Google account, making it a simple undertaking for police to grab them. 

The two charged, Nadeem and Majid, ransacked a lady named, Erum Altaf, in Karachi's Defense Housing Authority Phase VI on December 27. The lady held up an objection with Darakhshan police two days after the burglary. Not exactly seven days in the wake of documenting police objection, the two denounced took selfies on the stolen cell phone not envisioning this may arrive them stuck in an unfortunate situation. The selfies which got naturally transferred to the lady's Google account helped police in finding the two men. 


Police looked for help of National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) and the speculates' personalities were affirmed through a cross-coordinate with Nadra records. Darakhshan police captured the charged and found the stolen telephone and two illicit weapons in their ownership. 

Criminal procedures have been started against the suspects, as indicated by reports in Tribune.

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