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This Foreigner Sold Anti-Corona Juice In His Cafe and This Is What Happened Later

Can some juice arranged from lemon, ginger and amla forestall the COVID-19 spread? Science says no, however a 65-year-old Briton, who runs a cafeteria at Varkala sea shore in Kerala, suspected something and attempted to hawk his pseudoscience, that at long last landed him in police care.

The individual has been running the cafeteria close the helipad for long. In any case, he went under the radar of Varkala police after he put a little board outside his shop promoting his “anti corona juice”. The juice that he professed to have hostile to Corona properties were sold at Rs 150 for glass.


After the issue became obvious on Tuesday, Varkala police stepped in and arrested the man. He evidently told the police that he had intended to feature the general restorative properties of the home grown juice and it had no demonstrated protection from the feared infection.

The police carefully cautioned him not to rehash the slip-up and let him go. The police had additionally requested that he expel the promotion board. Varkala police are keeping up vigil after an outsider, who remained in a hotel, had turned positive for COVID-19.

Author: Yash Prasad    Source: Microbizz India

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