Three Youths Doing Kiki Stunt In Mumbai Local, Asked To Clean Railway Station

Three young men from Virar seen in a video performing Kiki challenge have been directed by a railway court to create awareness of the dangers involving dangerous stunts and to undertake cleanliness work at a railway station for three days. Their arrest which was done on Wednesday is the first involving Kiki performers.

The three men—Nishant Shah (20), Dhruv Shah (23) and Shyam Sharma (24) who is a television serial actor—were found performing dangerous stunts on trains and platforms.

The video had been uploaded on the Internet. The three men had uploaded a video of their stunt performance on the Net. The video of the dangerous stunts have been a hit on social media. It saw 1.4 million views on YouTube.

The Railway Protection Force had taken upon itself the challenge to track down the stunt performers. A Kiki challenge that the three had also performed on an ambulance is what got them in the net of the Railway Protection Force.

The investigating team tracked down the owner of the ambulance seen in the video. The owner led the investigators to the three accused who were arrested on Wednesday.

“They were in tears when we got them,” said an official. The three were produced in the railway court at Vasai later in the day. The railway court has ordered them to clean up Vasai railway station for three days this week. Also,

they have to undertake a drive to make people aware of the danger involved in performing such stunts. The tasks have to be performed from 11 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Videos of the awareness drive and cleanliness work have to be submitted to the court after the court will decide on further punishment if any.

Western Railway’s senior divisional security commissioner Anup Shukla said this is a “one of its kind task” assigned by the court. “It will help create awareness among commuters against the dangers of Kiki challenge,” said Shukla.

Source: indiatimes

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