Video: 17-year-old boy beats mother with broom for discussing marks

A 17-year-old heartless boy  in India, is seen thrashing his mom with a broom as she cries in agony.

The video was shot by the kid's senior sister after he cautioned her against intervening in the argument.  


The hapless mother, in her mid 50yr, is seen situated on a sofa and screaming in torment as her son thrashes her with a broom The kid was angry as his mom was stressed over his poor performance in academics and had discussed this with the neighbours, as per Times of India.

Boy threatened her not to "badmouth him"" and is heard saying in the recording: "If you continue talking like this, I will keep beating this way.'' 

At the point when his sister tries to stop him he advises her to remain out and includes that he couldn't care less if his mom files a complaint against him.

Police took notice of the viral video and chose to make a move against the minor.

"The boy was upset with his mother as she allegedly badmouthed him in the neighbourhood. Recently, the woman was conversing with her neighbors on the eventual fate of her child as he was not genuine about existence and faring gravely in studies," said the police.

Police said the mother was apparently afraid of her son and refused to give a statement against him. Although the boy was let off without any complaint being filed against him, police warned him of dire consequences if he did the same again. The police also asked the boy to apologise to his mother and got an undertaking signed by him.

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