VIDEO : Mid-air smoke forces IndiGo flight to make emergency landing

An IndiGo Airbus A320 Neo with 136 passengers on board made a safe emergency landing in Kolkata on Monday night after smoke engulfed the plane mid-air, prompting the government to order a probe, reported Times of India.

Senior DGGA official said, no travelers were injured in the incident.


The pilot needed to issue a 'May Day' call, made to look for help in the midst of pain, and the Pratt and Whitney-controlled Airbus A320 Neo plane arrived at the Kolkata air terminal under full crisis conditions, according to source.

On landing, some of the travelers were evacuated using emergency chutes, the source said.

"The IndiGo airplane VT ITR was around 45 miles off Kolkata when the smoke inundated the air ship. In the midst of the travelers' security in peril, the pilot issued May Day and looked for a crisis arrival at the Kolkata airplane terminal," the source said. 

IndiGo affirmed the occurrence however said the airplane did not confront any specialized issue before. 

"An IndiGo flight (A320 airplane) 6E-237 working on Jaipur-Kolkata route made a emergency landing as a precaution at Kolkata because of suspected smoke in cabin," the airline said in an announcement.

There was no report before of any failing in the flying machine, it said. The flight landed securely at Kolkata, it stated, including that on reaching the bay, a couple of travelers were cleared through the "aft exit deployed slides" while most passengers deplaned via the front step ladder.

The Airbus A320 Neo planes with Pratt & Whitney engines, which are being operated by budget carriers IndiGo and GoAir, have been frequently facing serious glitches mid-air and on ground since their induction.

The senior official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said the "flight made an emergency landing at Kolkata due to smoke in cockpit and cabin".

On getting, the flying machine was taken to a confinement narrows, where rearward or emergency passenger chutes were deployed and few passengers were evacuated, the official said.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB), which goes under the Civil Aviation Ministry, has propelled a test into the occurrence, he said. The aircraft has additionally been requested to present a preliminary report after a detailed technical inspection, he added.

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