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Best Features of the VPN Services for Mac Computers

Using a reliable VPN guarantees perfect online privacy and security. The problem is that it can be difficult to choose a provider who can actually do everything it promises to do. You will not run out of options. In fact, there are overwhelmingly many options to the point where you cannot make an easy comparison between providers. Instead of comparing them one by one, you’ll have an easier time making a choice by taking a closer look at what features they have. But before you can do that, you must know what types of features a VPN for Mac should have. Here is a simple checklist to get you started.


  1. Sensible privacy policy


This is the part where users seem to be too ignorant to take notice. One of the major points of using VPN service is to stay anonymous on the web. In other words, you want your identity kept undisclosed from anybody else includingthe VPN provider itself. Even if you have no time to read the entire Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions that come with the service, please make sure it states clearly regarding what – if any – information the provider collects from users. There is a chance that some VPN providers who offer their services for free end up collecting users’ data and selling them to advertisers or other interested entities. It is a common practice done by some ISPs. VPNs follow their steps in this regard. So, choose only those VPN providers who guarantee a level of privacy suitable for your personal preference.The no-logging policy is a must these days.Yes, not all free VPN providers keep logs, it is just that you should do your due diligence.


  1. Peer-to-Peer function


Often referred to simply as P2P, peer-to-peer sharing is sometimes left-out by VPN providers because they somehow think the functionality gives an urge for users to use a lot of bandwidth. Network congestion management has become a classic excuse. If you are looking for a good Mac VPN service, make sure it does not limit you in that regard. A good VPN provider should offer at least several servers that allow P2P traffic and has no bandwidth limitation.


  1. Static IP address


The best thing about using a static IP is that you have a dedicated IP address that no one else can use. Being the only person associated with a specific IP address is important for some people who want to be associated with only one location. It is important for their security. There are also certain instances (although not always) that static IP is mandatory. In theory, shared IPs provide better anonymity, but dedicated IP offers a personalized layer of protection and preserves your most private online sessions because there is no way anyone else is accessing them.


  1. Powerful encryption


What makes one Mac VPN provider different from the others is the encryption level utilized. Great encryption level will route your Internet traffic through a more powerful algorithm. This feature is especially important when anonymity is of the highest priority. The data being transferred via the connection is always secure.


  1. Clear server locations


In case you have not been informed yet, some countries may require VPN servers to maintain users’ activity logs. If the VPN servers are located in any of the 14 Eyes countries, you would better know it beforehand. Those countries may require all VPN servers located in their territories to keep users’ logs for intelligence purposes.


  1. A lot of servers


Subscribing to a VPN provider with a lot of servers located all around the world improves your chances of getting adequate speed all the time. When a particular server is overcrowded, the provider can simply use another server which at that moment handles much less traffic. Another advantage is that you have more options to hide your actual location, giving you the freedom to choose any country with the least possible online restrictions or country you need at this very moment.


  1. Speed


An obvious factor that separates great VPN providers from the mediocre ones is speed. In a world where an Internet connection is pretty much affordable everywhere, nobody likes a sluggish connection even when accessing multimedia-heavy websites. Although the speed is going to be faster without VPN, at least make sure you have a flexible configuration for various needs like peer-to-peer sharing, gaming, movie streaming, video calls, etc.


  1. Flexible payment options


You don’t have to use premium VPN service to be anonymous on the web, but free VPNs often come with a lot of limitations. With the subscription model, you may be tempted to pay with a credit card for the convenience and speed. It is good when the provider allows you to pay via multiple channels for examples PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.


  1. User-friendly interface


Mac OS is known for its exciting yet easy-to-use interface. In fact, you probably use the operating system because you want to experience how intuitive it is. Therefore it makes no sense to use a VPN client from a provider who cannot create a decent interface for the application. This may not seem important, but ease-of-use is the key to understanding the options/configurations you choose.


  1. Multiple devices allowed


Before investing in any VPN subscription, ask whether the provider allows you to connect multiple devices with a single subscription account. Chances are you want to protect your activities online, as well your loved ones’. A VPN provider should not limit you with one particular OS too, because you probably have multiple devices (including mobile) with different operating systems. In general, versatile services are better.


Last but not least, robust customer service


You pay the VPN provider not only for the online security and privacy it offers but also the customer service. There can be times when the connection is slow, payment does not come through, access to Netflix or other websites gets blocked, or any other issues you cannot fix on your own. Helpful customer service that is available 24/7 either by phone or chat platform comes in handy. The provider should promise and deliver all the helps you need when you need them the most.

Author: David Balaban   

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