At least seven people killed in train derailment in Morocco

A train derailed in Sidi Bouknadel, a town near Rabat, killing at least seven people and injuring more than 80 others.

At least seven people were killed and about 80 injured when a train was derailed near the Moroccan capital Rabat on Tuesday morning, a medical source said.


The train derailed near Sidi Bouknadel, a town near Rabat, on the busy coastal line connecting the capital to the commercial hub of Casablanca.

State news agency MAP said a train had derailed near the town on the Rabat Kenitra line but did not give any details.

There was no immediate statement from the state-owned railway firm ONCF.

Earlier local news outlets reported that two trains had collided but then published images showing a train derailed near some residential buildings.

Source: trtworld

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