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Father filmed himself repeatedly raping his 2-month-old daughter

A dad recorded himself more than once assaulting his baby little girl for months, police say. 

Edd Lahar, 30, was captured Thursday in Corvallis, Oregon for almost 100 sex violations including assault, homosexuality, sex misuse, kid pornography, and empowering kid misuse. Lahar showed up in court Friday and argued not liable to the charges, as indicated by KEZI. 

Experts started exploring Lahar on Wednesday after they got a tip that Lahar had explicitly express photos of a youngster on his mobile phone. Police looked through his home and discovered proof that 'revealed various occurrences of sex wrongdoings against Lahar's newborn child female kid,' the Corvallis Police Department said. 


Examiners said they trust Lahar started mishandling his little girl in June 2018 – when she was less then two-months-old and proceeded until as of late as a month ago. Lahar initially told police that the pictures on his telephone were taken inadvertently, in spite of the fact that police later discovered tyke erotic entertainment on his PC that had been erased, as indicated by court archives. He was taken to Benton County Jail on $6,699,500 safeguard, as indicated by prison records. 

Lahar was additionally requested to have no contact with the supposed injured individual or the unfortunate casualty's mom. A judge likewise restricted him from utilizing the web or any account gadgets. 'I think the charges address themselves as far as the dangers that are worried to the state and what may be in question should he be discharged,' said Benton County District Attorney John Haroldson. 

As indicated by Haroldson, the charges against Lahar fall under 'Jessica's Law,' which requires an obligatory least sentence of 25 years in jail for any individual indicted for a planned sex offense against a tyke under 12. The amassing of charges implies that Lahar may confront life in jail in the event that he is sentenced.

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