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Guy Edits Girlfriend’s Forehead To Be Bigger In Pics When She Irritates Him

While some couples might give each other the silent treatment after an argument, one creative pair have come up with a unique way to deal with their anger. 

Theodore Gussie took to Twitter to share his method earlier this week, where he revealed he turned to photo editing whenever he got ‘mad’ at his girlfriend, Adilene Venegas.

The boyfriend, from Chicago, explained he has a scale to show how irritated he is with his partner. It’s not so much a one-to-ten situation but rather a forehead-to-tenhead one.

See what I did there? If not, hopefully you’ll understand it when you compare these two photos:

Can you spot the difference?

On Twitter, Theodore explained:

Sometimes when my girl makes me mad I upload pictures with her forehead edited to be slightly bigger.

Theodore went on to describe how he changes the size of Adilene’s forehead according to how angry he is with her, writing:

I just slightly or drastically inflate her head depending on the anger level lol.

A lot of people might consider it cruel to distort your other half’s photos out of anger but Adilene has proved it’s a two way street as she took to Twitter to show off some handiwork of her own.

Though I have to say, her editing is a little more obvious than her boyfriend’s. You see, rather than slightly adjusting the forehead like Theodore does, Adilene decided to add balls to her partner’s chin.


Posting an example online, she wrote:

Sometimes when my boyfriend gets me mad, I upload pictures with sacks on his chin.

The pair’s hilarious form of stress relief has caught the attention of thousands on the internet, with one social media user labelling them as the ‘best couple on the internet’.

Theodore’s post has achieved over 58,000 shares so far and he joked on Twitter about the photos, writing:

Just want everyone to know my babes heart is bigger than her head.

Adilene responded saying ‘I can never forgive you for this’, she made clear it was all in good fun as she added ‘but i do love you.’

Speaking to Mashable about how it all started, Theodore said:

I made a joke to Adilene saying if we had a baby and it came out with my chin and her forehead, he will have to play life on hard mode.

We always had a playful relationship, so after that day, whenever we would argue, I would send her pictures of us with her forehead like that.

Adilene continued:

When Teddy first sent me the picture, I died laughing.

I imagine a few couples will be giving this method a try in future; provided it doesn’t get out of hand it seems like a light- hearted way to deal with frustrations!

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