Man caught carrying 20 snakes on plane hidden in hand luggage

In a chilling incident, a man recently surprised Russian airport authorities after they caught him with 20 live snakes in his hand baggage, according to reports

Flying from Germany to Russia, the passenger, whose name and nationality were not given, packed a small hand luggage bag that apparently passed without issue through authorities at Dusseldorf Airport. Once landing in Moscow, however, the Environmental Protection Agency noticed the curious contents and flagged up the reptilians inside the bag.


The man stated he had purchased the non-venomous animals from a market in Germany, RP Online reported, according to a translation by The Local website. The Russian capital’s Sheremetyevo International Airport confirmed the incident in a statement.

“The reptiles were in canisters, packed in bags, carried in hand luggage. There were no documents provided for the reptiles," the airport’s press service said in a statement. "The species of snakes will be determined by specialists, but according to preliminary information they are not of a venomous species.”

Source: newsweek

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