Man proposes to 'wrong' woman, then decides to marry her

He thought of asking for his ring back and cancelling the engagement.

A man guaranteed he "accepted the way things are" in the wake of seeing his companions getting connected on New Year's Eve and chose to pop the inquiry himself. However, he ended up proposing to the 'wrong' lady and gifted her the ring he had purchased for a work associate he was seeing. 

The man, with the client name 'Propermistakeregretit', uncovered that the lady he wound up proposing to was his present sweetheart whom he was intending to part ways with for his work partner, according to report. 

He posted his mind blowing quandary on Reddit searching for approaches to amend the blunder. 

"I'm seeing another person, needed to part ways with her. I purchased the ring for a work associate, wasn't wanting to propose until the occasion we arranged. Amid new year's eve, I proposed to my better half. It's been posted on my companions Snapchat, my sweethearts Facebook page, all over the place," the man composed. 

The man's post was pummeled with over a hundred remarks condemning his 'disturbing conduct' when he expressed: "Would i be able to recover the ring and drop the commitment please?" 

One Reddit client answered: "You were anticipating proposing to a work partner when you go on vacation, in spite of the reality you are as yet observing somebody you class as your sweetheart. In any case, in a touch of destiny, you took that wedding band out with you on New Years Eve. Either that, or you took the wrong sweetheart out. In any case, botches were made." 


Apparently incensed with the man's faltering mentality, the Reddit client proceeded to express: "There is an answer: tell your (current/incidental) life partner about the misstep. Trustworthiness may really be your best strategy here, in light of the fact that I speculate that the acknowledgment that you are such an express growth of an individual will lead her to take the ring off and throw it." 

Yet, the man didn't stop there and guaranteed after much examination he chose to remain with his life partner and keep the issue a mystery. 

He further composed he would deliver his notice at work and 'begin once again' on the grounds that he would not like to baffle his mom. 

"I've known my better half more and my mum called me saying she's cheerful and she's constantly needed grandkids and what not all that I would not like to disillusion my mum," he composed.

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