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Passengers injured in violent flight turbulence, video goes viral

"I think I was unconscious for a brief moment."

A Bulgarian airline flight to Switzerland experienced extreme turbulence and rapid drop in altitude that sent several passengers airborne and left ten injured. 

The terrifying moment was caught on camera and shows passengers praying for their safety while a flight attendant is seen flying up toward the ceiling of the aircraft due to the violent turbulence. The footage shows a food cart soaring into the air with its contents, including hot tea and coffee, raining back down on the passengers.

According to reports in RT, the flight with 121 passengers was headed for Basel, Switzerland, from Kosovo's Pristina, when it encountered severe turbulence about 30 minutes into its journey. "I think I was unconscious for a brief moment," passenger Idriz Brahimj, 51, told Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten.


The passenger said he can only remember the screams of fellow passengers as he slammed his head on the ceiling of the Boeing 737-300.

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