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Watch: The Russian who throws himself in front of trains

A new video emerged lately showing a Russian young man attempting to beat the odds. The video gives anyone who watches it chills, but before we jump to any conclusions and start calling him crazy, like we call those who play the famous Russian Roulette, a fatal game of chance in which a player places a single bullet in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the gun against their head, and pulls the trigger, hoping for the best.

But this young man is not a Russian Roulette fan, he has already exhausted the media and the police officers of Moscow. His face is covered like Zorro in the Hollywood films. He laughs in the face of danger and death more than the people holding a revolver in their hands and pulling the trigger. We dug the internet and YouTube until we finally found a video of him in a Russian channel called HIT Russian News. The video is accompanied by some lines which explains how the Russian man is challenging the drivers to strike him as he bounces from one train platform to another, just centimeters before the trains stop.

Only half a meter separates the gymnastic jumper from meeting his fate. Much ink has been spilled about him, both in local Russian newspapers and worldwide. He hides his face with a piece of fabric to protect his anonymity, and that Russian Police can’t make a facial recognition of him and arrest him. Many speculate that this new “sport” can spread among teens, and cause many unfortunate events.


The young man who appears to be a gymnastic, was filmed by a friend a month ago, after he told him that he will jump from one train station pier to another. According to many readings of internationally renowned newspapers, including the British Daily Mirror and HIT, his friend advised him to back down from what he intended to do, but the young Russian was stubborn; his insistence gave the world a rare video, a video that was uploaded only two days ago to YouTube, but the news made the world.

The Daily Mirror said that some people doubt the authenticity of the video, stating that it may be “fabricated”, since it is possible to film the whole thing in two phases: one takes for the train as it crossed the two quays, and another for the young man as he jumps between them without crossing any train, then merging the two together.

The metro driver did not look to his right when he saw the flying man crossing one pier to the other so the public questioned the authenticity of the video.

As far as what we saw when reviewing the snapshot, the driver was not surprised when the young man jumped in the air in front of him, he appeared normal and did not turn to see his right side. Furthermore, the driver launched the Siren surprisingly too fast, but did not appear perplexed to see the man, adding that none of those who were at the station were remotely affected by what happened or curious to see whether the jumper made it safely to the other way.

Of course, these are all speculations, we may be wrong and, the young man actually jumped and defeated the train, the driver and all the risks.

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