10 Secrets Stacy London Doesn’t Want Us to Know About What Not To Wear

How could we not love What Not to Wear? We got to see Stacy London and Clinton Kelly change the lives of so many people by just changing their wardrobes. It was so much fun when the person would go in the fitting room and we got to see the horrific outfits they wore on a daily basis. The makeover show was on the air for a whopping ten years and when it was canceled in 2013, we were all very sad.


We loved seeing makeup artists and of course, Kelly and London go to work on these people so that they could walk with their heads held high. Those were certainly the days when we got to meet people who are seriously clueless in fashion try to learn what it meant to even have a little bit of fashion sense.

The thing that we loved most about the show was the chemistry between Kelly and London, they seemed like best friends. They certainly spend a lot of time together. But things aren’t always what they seem. Would you be surprised to learn there are secrets behind the scenes from the show? Are Kelly and Landon even friends? What other secrets has Stacy London been keeping from us? If you are dying to know, then check out this article. Here are 15 secrets Stacy London doesn’t want you to know about What Not to Wear.

10. Episodes Take A Long Time To Film

Everything looks pretty simple on the show, but it’s just not the way it works. Judging by what the audience saw, the show looked really fun. What we didn’t know was that the show was not only time-consuming, but exhausting as well. It was worse for the crew who were always involved in details that often took a long time. One former contestant, Amanda Rodriguez spilled some secrets on her blog Dude Mom. She claimed that filming took days just to give the audience a 45-minute episode. Even the contestants had to do filming that required them to repeat scenes and lines over and over again.

They always had to have the perfect scene, the perfect shot every single time. Another contestant exposed the fact that the camera crew was often asked to do multiple close-up reshoots. “Every time he pointed at something during the course of the show, they’d do a reshoot later that focused solely on his hand. “We learned toward the end to just stop pointing,” he said.

9. Clinton Didn’t Like One Contestant

What’s not to like? You might find it odd, but Clinton Kelly actually keeps in touch with some of the contestants on the show. “I keep in touch with about 100 of them, believe it or not, whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook or a text message here or there,” Kelly said. That’s so nice. But there is one contestant that he doesn’t keep in touch with and hopes to never see again. Her name was Megumi and she said he needed Botox

when she was in the 360-degree mirror. Just because she didn’t like being in the mirror doesn’t mean that she needs to lash out at others. “I’ve really only gotten into fights with about two women out of 350 (over the years), and Megumi and I had it out! I actually feel a little bit bad about it. I mean, she told me I needed Botox and I just went off on her,” he said. “Not that I have anything against Botox — I really don’t. I’ve had it before. I was like, ‘Don’t you tell me I need Botox, this isn’t about me!”

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