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Arab sports critic says Saudi player is better than Neymar

Love him or hate him, Brazilian star Neymar Jr. is already considered a football legend by millions across the world.

This probably explains the meltdown that came in response to Saudi sports critic Adnan Jastaneh stating that he finds retired Saudi footballer Sami Al Jaber better than the international sports star.

Jastaneh made the statement during a live television appearance where he was commenting on the most recent 2018 FIFA World Cup games. 

The critic's comment went viral all over Saudi Twitter soon after the interview was broadcast, with thousands of tweeps epically hitting back at him. 

Jastaneh said: "I believe Sami Al Jaber is better than Neymar"

And all hell broke loose...

People were left completely speechless...

"Keep this between us, don't let it get out of Saudi"

"I want to believe this but it's just too much"

"Neymar got emotional over this statement"

"If Sami Al Jaber is better than Neymar, I am better than Messi"

Source: stepfeed

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