Instead Of Watching Football, Russians & Foreigners Are Out To Seek Love At The World Cup

Football fans and Russians at the 2018 World Cup don't give two hoots about the football goals, but the number of phone numbers they have scored. 

That's right, people are far more interested in finding a match than watching the match. A 26-year-old engineer Otelo old AFP "We don't know what to do between matches, so we thought we could try to get to know the Russian people better," he said.

The Argentinians are flicking through selfies on their phones of Russian girls posing on the popular dating app Tinder.

"There's a lot of competition because of the number of men who have come to Russia for the World Cup," Otelo said.

A  25-year-old woman, who gave her name as Maria S., said she had been "impatiently" waiting for the World Cup because it "multiplies opportunities to meet with foreigners."

"And very few girls speak English or Spanish."

Moscow's World Cup fan zone, built on the doorstep of the city's iconic main university, has become a "flirt zone," joked the free Russian paper Metro.

Interestingly, such romances are reminiscent of other major international events in Moscow, such as the 1980 Olympic Games hosted by the USSR during the Cold War, states the AFP report.

Source: indiatimes

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