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Two French Fans Die As Violence Erupts Across Country After World Cup Victory

Two football fans have died after violence erupted in France, following the national team’s victory over Croatia in the World Cup final.

The worst scenes were in Paris, where widespread rioting, looting and clashes with police broke out as celebrations unfortunately turned to violence and concerning scenes.

As video footage shows, the out-of-control fans flipped over a car, and continued to destroy it as they ran riot in the city:

French police were forced to fire tear gas to clear the crowd from the Champs Elysees area, the Mirror reports.

Nearby, a drugstore was looted by about 30 people wearing ski masks, who later left with bottles of wine and champagne. Violence was also reported in Lyon and Marseille, prompting police to fire tear gas to disperse crowds.

In the city of Annecy, around 350 miles east of Paris, a 50-year-old football fan broke his neck after jumping into a canal after the game.

A man in his 30s also died in Saint-Felix after his car crashed into a tree while he celebrated the French team’s win.

A police source in Paris said:

Rioting broke out soon after midnight as large crowds refused to disperse.

Shops including the Publicis Drugstore close to the Arc de Triomphe were ransacked. Windows were smashed and officers who intervened were attacked.

There have been scenes of absolute chaos that have spoiled the party.

As the country celebrated its victory in the World Cup, with President Macron punching the air at the Luzhniki Stadium where the game was held, some fans unfortunately took it too far, clashing with police and causing damage in the city.

As people threw stones and bottles at riot police, the officers had no choice but to fire tear gas in an effort to clear crowds.

Authorities were forced to close all transport links in the city too, including Metro services and local trains, as the trouble intensified.

As France also celebrated Bastille Day on Saturday, July 14, authorities had mobilised around 110,000 security staff over the weekend.

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Source: unilad

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