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21 Best (& Verified) Home Remedies for Loose Motions for Babies and Kids

During diarrhea, your baby’s bowel movements appear watery, stinky, different in color, and loose in motions. Your infant becomes irritated, cranky & restless because of frequent bowel movements.  Teething time can trigger loose motions in your child but infection due to virus or bacteria can also be another reason.


In actual, Diarrhoea is the way of our body to throw away the bacteria, toxins, and viruses from our digestive system.

During Diarrhoea, your baby loses water and minerals called electrolytes which lead to dehydration in your child. As immune system of your infant is still developing various environmental factors can disturb your kid’s tummy. You should take extra precautions about baby’s food in summers, winters, and monsoon.

As a mom, its very difficult to see your baby in pain. Sometimes common diseases like loose motions help in making your baby’s immune system strong. I always prefer to use the home remedies for loose motions for my baby for few days rather than using medicines from the day one.

Home Remedies to Cure Loose Motions in Babies

If your baby is below six months then avoid any kind of home remedy. Consult baby’s pediatric to seek medical help.

1. Sabudana Water for Loose Motions in Babies

Give your baby sabudana ka pani ( Sago Water) . Process to make sadubana water is as below.

  • Soak sabudana for 1 hour.
  • Put sufficient water and keep it on boiling
  • Boil till sabudana get completely immersed in water.
  • Strain and give sabudana water to your baby to cure loose motions.

Recommended Age: 6+ months

2. ORS as Home Remedy

Give your baby plenty of fluids. Babies tend to dehydrate faster than adults. Give your baby ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts). ORS is a special combination of dry salts that is mixed with safe water. Oral Rehydration Salts can help replace the fluids lost due to diarrhoea. You can buy ORS sachets from the market or make ORS at home.


Home-made ORS

It is the most effective and least expensive way to manage dehydration.


6 teaspoons of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 liter of filter water


Dissolved the sugar, salt in water. Give this solution to your child to drink after every 2 hours.

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Source: beinghappymom

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