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5 Ugly Truths of Hair Products Which Will Make You Regret After Buying Them This 2018. – Doctor Advised.

Hair is really most of the most concerned and discussed problem present days. Years before, when there was no pollution and also when there were no chemical treatments to our hair – Hair maintenance is not much discussed because of the proper and perfect ways that our ancestors know in treating hair and its damage.


Hair damage can be occurred due to many reasons from aging to exposure of harmful reactants.

In the present situation, it’s really, really tough to judge a hair product by seeing its cover. Seriously, that is where everyone is getting fooled.
But, there are really very highly useful products in the market that can surely help you with your hair problems.

Today, we are sharing with you the essential checklist recommended by the top class Hair specialists that you should always keep an eye while purchasing hair products.

Spare 5 mins of your time to say an assured goodbye to all your hair problems.

1. Always use a Sulfate free Neutral Shampoo according to your hair type.


Using a proper shampoo according to your hair type is the most important wise step to be taken. The very vital information that you need to check here is SULPHATE.
Never use a shampoo with Sulfate contribution. Never and Never.

Reason – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is the most common sulfate used in many shampoos and conditioners. These sulphates used as a foaming agent emulsifies grease

when combined with water and can be washed when dispersed into water. Sulphates when used long, strips out the essential oils from hair and causes severe irritation leading to hair fall and serious hair damage.

Check your shampoo properly whether it contains sulphate or not. Have a look at all the different shampoos and their ingredients list available on internet.

Don’t leave a single one because you really don’t know where the best one for your hair lies.

If you see any suggestion or an ad suggesting any shampoo, have a look. Because your own research regarding product is always worth doing.

2. Always add Green Tea into your cart while shopping.


As we all know, green tea is one of the most supported drinks, which have the best abilities to cure many of our diseases. Is this very true even in the case of hair.

Drinking green tea on a regular basis can really strengthen your hair and prevent further damage. This may take few months to show visible results, but it’s worth trying.

Because anyways, it supports in the overall metabolism of your entire body.

Another best practise which can be done with green tea is – after washing your hair, massage your scalp with freshly brewed cool green hair. Wash it with cold water
after 10 mins. Repeat this twice a week. This stimulates hair follicles and prevent scalp problems like Dandruff and gives a hair super shine.

So, the next time when you go for regular shopping Don’t forget to add green tea to your cart.

A small but very valuable advice. Just open the below ad and something really, really interesting stuff you wanted for a long time is waiting there. Trust me.

3. Is your Hair naturally dry? or oil – Check Hair oil accordingly.


I once again repeat ‘Not every hair product in the market is for your hair’ , same is the case with your Hair oil. As there are different types of facial skin like oily, dry, combination.

Similarly, each one of our hair is of different type. Before purchasing a really cool new launch hair oil from market, have a little research whether it suits you or not.

If you are having dry hair – try using oils like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. Because these oils easily penetrate into your hair and also supports in preventing the loss of

If you are having oily hair – try using really light oils like Argan oil, Jojoba oil, oil with Moroccan in it etc. Because this hair type needs oils that resemble the sebum or our
scalp’s natural oil.

If you are having fine hair – lighter oil is suggestible like avocado oil.

So, before purchasing your hair oil always know the needs of your hair and then proceed for buying. My best suggestion is to check all the oils and their ingredients in the market and internet to know if it is made for you or not. NEVER SKIP ANY AD OF HAIR OILS, GO INSIDE AND HAVE A LOOK.

4. It’s good to have a Hair Specialist appointment.


Hair Specialists are someone who has a good idea how deep this whole mechanism of Hair protection works. If you are at a severe stage of hair fall and if really scared about

what to use – My best advice is to consult a Hair specialist. Because you will really get some astonishing tips and worthy care suggestions from these people, which are what
you are hunting for!!

I know many of us think about the huge budget, they bill us. But, I want a share a really cool idea. Many a times you will get a free counseling session. Make use of it to get most useful tips from them for free of cost. IF YOU FIND ANY HAIR SPECIALIST AD IN THIS PAGE, OPEN AND TRY MY TRICK. IT WORKS…

5. Never trust a product that it is really natural or ayurvedic because its name seems to be. Deep a check at its ingredients list and reviews before trying.


So, these are some really vital checklist to keep in mind while purchasing any hair products. Next time, we will be back with an article, especially about the supplements and best food for your hair. Comment us if you want any information regarding a particular one. We would be happy to answer you anytime.

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