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Frozen Lemon More Powerful Than Chemotherapy

Frozen lemon therapy is “1,000 times more potent than CHEMOTHERAPY“. Many restaurant professionals and nutritionists are using or consuming the whole lemon where nothing is wasted.

How can we use the skin of this rich and healing fruit?

The first thing you have to do is to wash the skin of the lemon very well, then insert this in our freezer, if possible wrapped in film (transparent plasti) to better preserve its aroma.


Once frozen the lemon, we will use a grater to grate the whole lemon, or part of the sprinkling it on our foods. We can sprinkle it for example: in granizadas, lemonades, wines, water, pure soups, stews, salads, pasta sauce, rice, sushi..

All foods will have an unexpectedly wonderful taste, something that we have not tasted before.

We all thought that in lemon there were no more properties, we only had vitamin C, but we were wrong, we now know that lemon skin contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins, than the juice we can extract.

From now on, if we follow this procedure to freeze the whole lemon “grating and sprinkling on our food”, we can consume more foods beneficial to our health.

The skin of the lemon rejuvenates your health in the eradication of the toxic elements of the body. Let’s take advantage of now the amazing benefits of lemon.

Its effect is “10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy. Its taste is very pleasant and does not produce the” horrible effects of chemotherapy. ”

Will this secret remain hidden, so as not to endanger large multi-million dollar corporations, given that there are laboratories interested in making a synthetic version that can bring them great benefits ?.

Apart from grating its skin, we can also eat the pulp, and drink its juice (juice) of this fruit, and add it to the preparation of ice cream, cakes etc., is attributed many virtues but the most interesting is the effect it produces on cysts and tumors.

This fruit is tested against CANCERS OF ALL TYPES.

Those who have studied in depth in the subject, say, is very useful for all CANCER VARIANTS.

It is also considered an ANTIMICROBIAL “spectrum” against bacterial and fungal infections, effective against internal parasites and worms, regulates blood pressure and blood pressure, is a potent antidepressant, and fights nervousness very well.

It is also an extraordinary ALKALINIZER, which regulates the PH of the blood, to have an “optimal health”.

The source says that it also destroys the “malignant cells” of 12 types of CANCER, including COLON, MAMA, PROSTATE, LUNG, and PANCREAS.

The compounds of this fruit, has proven to be “10,000 times” better, than the product ADRIAMYCIN, a drug used in CHEMOTHERAPY (worldwide), “to decrease the growth of cancer cells” and what is even more astonishing , is that, this type of therapy with lemon extract, (the skin) only destroys “malignant cancer cells and does not affect healthy cells.”

Source: naturalcarebox

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