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The Clothes You Wear Can Actually Affect Your Workout Performance! Here’s How It Works

How often have you chided your friend for splurging on clothes meant solely for the gym, yoga sessions, or running? Let’s be honest, we’ve all done that. After all, it’s not how you look that should matter, but what you do, right? Well, we may have got this one slightly wrong, as research now suggests that how you dress for fitness actually does affect your performance and gains.

If you’re scratching your head in bewilderment, read on to find out just why your clothing affects your routine.

How Fitness Apparel Affects Your Performance


A Psychological Edge

“Your clothing has an influence on your mood, behavior, & confidence levels, with certain colors also influencing perception & professional sporting performance”
When you throw on that funky tee shirt and get into those hip leggings, you’re doing more than get dressed for a workout. Think of it as a costume that you wear to play a particular role – when you dress the part, you tend to play it better. This shift in mood and attitude is actually described as “enclothed cognition” and for many, it works like a charm.

Working out in specialized fitness wear that you like gives you greater confidence and focus, while also helping you stay motivated. This positive effect of clothing on subconscious behavior was also documented in a study that appeared in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

But that’s not all. Specialized fitness wear can also have an impact on sporting performance and behavior of professional athletes. In fact, many sportsmen feel that certain colors, designs, or outfits give them a psychological edge. Although this may sound far-fetched, research actually does suggest that colors do influence attitude, behavior, and perception, with teams in black uniforms coming across as more aggressive than others!

The Physical Boost

“Activity-specific fitness wear like running shoes or compression socks can minimize the risk of injuries associated with that activity”
While the psychological effects of fitness clothing can vary greatly among individuals, experts point out that there’s no denying the physical benefits of good gear. A good pair of running shoes will improve your running performance and minimize the risk of foot pain and injury, but they won’t do you much good for trekking or rock climbing.

Some types of fitness wear are actually designed for specific activities and can help minimize typical injuries or issues, associated with the activity. Compression socks for example, can help to minimize foot soreness, inflammation, or swelling. Active wear with stretchable materials like lycra or spandex is great for any activity that involves a wide range of motion. A well-fitted sports bra is another essential if you’re doing high impact exercises that can chest bounces and spine problems. The list can go on!

Our Advice

Don’t try to reinvent your entire wardrobe at one go and expect to transform into a gyming robot. While your clothing does have a significant impact on your fitness routine, it’s best to make a slow transition, picking up one piece of gear at a time. Don’t make rushed and impulsive choices, but find gear that actually works for you. So, enjoy your shopping and your journey to better health!

Source: thehealthorange

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