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The Critical Role That Health Ministry Plays in Oman

Muscat: Two new medical clinics will be built in Salalah and Saham as a feature of the Ministry of Health measures to improve social insurance offices, which would support both the quality and amount of wellbeing administrations, Dr Ahmad Bin Mohammad Al Saeedi, Minister of Health, has declared.

The priest said that plans were in the air to set up and revamp seven clinics - including the medical clinics of Al Masara, Saham, Masirah, Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan, Al Mazyouna, Sinaw, and Sumail as a feature of its 36 activities got ready for the Eighth Five-Year Health Plan 2011-2015.

He additionally uncovered that the service will set up 19 wellbeing habitats, a ward for tumor patients at the Royal Hospital, an undertaking of the National Center for Cardiology, the National Center for Diabetes, a Cardiology Center and a MRI unit in Salalah, a Diabetes Center in Sur, restoration of Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah (for outpatients), recovery of Khoula Hospital (for mishap and crisis), and the task of setting up power transmission stations for the Royal Hospital.

“Plans are additionally set up to finish a 245-bed new mental emergency clinic in Muscat, two new medical clinics in Salalah and Saham and overhauling of the emergency clinic in Sumail," he included.

To an inquiry, the clergyman concurred that the nation faces a deficiency of medicinal services suppliers and very much qualified specialists. "We have to focus on preparing Omani specialists," Al Saidi emphasized.

He said that more than 81 percent of the medical clinics and over 81.5 percent of the accessible emergency clinic beds are controlled by the administration alone. "Before the finish of 2010, the all out number of staff working at the Ministry of Health included 26,592 including specialists, medical attendants and others."

Oman is among the nations which have a high number of diabetes cases. "We are not glad for this. We ask individuals to be increasingly mindful and lead solid ways of life," he included.


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Author: Syed Ameer   

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