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What Casino Games Can You Enjoy in Metro Manila

What Casino Games Can You Enjoy in Metro Manila
Seo Title: The Best Gambling Games People Can Play in Metro Manila in 2021
Meta Description: Metro Manila welcomes many tourists each year. One of the activities they gladly enjoy is gambling. There are a couple of popular gambling games people can enjoy there. 

1976 is a significant year for gambling lovers that often travel to Metro Manila. Until that year, gambling in this region was illegal. However, in 1976, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation managed to regulate gambling rules and standards.

In 1977, the region got the first land-based casino under the name Manila Bay Casino. Many years after that, Metro Manila has become one of the most attractive destinations for passionate players. Despite culture, art, and fashion, tourists around the world can enjoy a big number of casino resorts. In that way, they can make their free time more entertaining. 

Is Everything around Gambling Legal in Metro Manila?
Things haven't changed at all since 1976. All the tourists that come to Metro Manila can enjoy a wide range of casino games. That is the reason why we would like to analyze some of them. Playing these games will make the trips of thousands of people more entertaining and relaxing. If they possess some gambling experience and knowledge, their trip can be profitable as well. 
Casino game selection is one of the main advantages of the gambling community in this region. That is the reason why we will focus only on the most popular casino resorts and games they offer. 

Of course, there is always an option to gamble online. Some people simply want to avoid crowds and noise. They would rather decide to gamble online from the comfort of their hotel room. That is also one of the favorite pastime activities that exist in the Philippines. After reading the article, people can check out the extended list of available games and adapt the gambling activity to their requirements. 

The good thing for the tourists, as well as the locals, is that the Philippines government recently change the law. They allowed land-based casinos to operate online as well. The influence of the pandemic was harmful to many gambling businesses across Philippines. That is the reason why they decided on that move. 

Anyway, after we made everything clear, let's get to the point. Let's find out together the best land-based casinos in Metro Manila and the games they offer. 

Okada Manila Resort and Casino
Okada Manila Resort is a luxury paradise that works since December 2016. Since then, it has managed to attract thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. People that visit the resort can enjoy comfortable rooms, spa centers, and gambling games. 

There is a good reason why Okada Manila Casino is in the first place on this list. Believe it or not, it is the casino with the widest variety of table games and slot machines across the Philippines. Despite that, people can enjoy around three thousand electronic games as well as 500 action games. Many tourists that gambled there managed to win the highest amount of jackpot. 

However, there is one thing tourists should know. People can't carry their backpacks inside. That is the policy of a casino that all the tourists will have to respect. Other than that, there are no additional rules people should worry about. Enjoying slot machines and table games will make their trip more entertaining. 

Resort World Manila
World Manila Resort is a place where people can find everything they need. In one place, they can enjoy a shopping complex, seven different hotels, a theater, and a big number of restaurants. Yet, there is also a casino where people can test their luck. 

The main casino building contains three different gaming floors. People can enjoy a few different types of games. Different variations of poker are available to people that come to this place. They can enjoy three card poker, casino stud poker, pai gow poker, etc. Despite that, they can also enjoy roulette, slot machines, and baccarat. 

All these games are relaxing and entertaining, that is the reason why Resort World Manila deserves the attention of the people. 

Casino Filipino
Casino Filipino is the "leader" of the gambling community in the country. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation operate this centrally administered casino. Believe it or not, the same casino exists in 13 different locations. People can find it in Angeles, Cebu, Manila Bay, and Malate. All these casinos organize gambling tournaments that people around the world can enjoy. 

Anyway, the games people can play there are different. For instance, people can enjoy baccarat, blackjack, roulette, pontoon, and poker. The good news for the tourists is that the casino works 24 hours a day. Because of that, they can decide on visiting the casino in every part of the day. 

Final Thought
Of course, Metro Manila is not an area where people can only gamble. There are also many romantic places where couples can enjoy their time. Despite that, there are many places where families can find out more about Filipino art and culture. Gambling should serve as a source of extra entertainment that will make their trip memorable. Of course, tourists that want to avoid crowds can also enjoy a wide range of games online. That can be an excellent alternative, as well. 

Author: Maggie Petroff   

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