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Best Places to visit in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers

These three famous towers jump over the corniche in Kuwait City adding beauty and splendor to the skyline. They had been designed via a Swedish architectural company and the tallest has a revolving commentary deck at its peak of 187 meters.

They’ve lately been renovated so now are available to the public again. Believe it or not, Kuwait is so small that you may almost see the entire country from the top! Great as it's far to move inside them, we additionally love watching them from the out of doors and admiring the greeny-blue sequins that adorn the tops. 

The Grand Mosque

This majestic building gives visitors greater of an insight into the faith of the usa and so it one of the most interesting activities in Kuwait. It’s beautifully embellished with an ornate golden ceiling and fashionable tiling at the pillars. There are loose guided excursions each day which can be informative and welcoming.

It’s top notch how non violent the gap is and how useful it is to revel in it. Do consider that footwear will need to be eliminated and women will have to cowl their hair to enter. The human beings running and worshipping inside the mosque will get hold of you warmly and be keen to tell you greater about their faith and customs.

A Desert Safari 

Often people may suppose that the wasteland is boring, simply the equal landscape again and again again. We’re here to set that straight; there are few things greater magical than spending the night beneath the celebrities in the desert. You get an exceptional experience of the vastness of the universe as you notice the celebrities clearer and brighter than everywhere else on Earth. It’s a virtually astounding and humbling revel in to feel to this point far from civilization and so near the sky.

As Kuwait is essentially all desolate tract, what higher issue to do right here than head out on a wasteland safari. A word of warning: don’t do that alone! It’s a long way too risky to ponder without expert guides, and you’ll find plenty of tour operators inside the city. They’ll take you to look the camel herds first and in case you’re lucky you may even get to peer a toddler camel (so cute!).

Then you head out even further into the sands to discover someplace to camp for the night. Have a BBQ, light a hearth and enjoy the peace and stillness. If you’re feeling a chunk extra adventurous, there are opportunities to move wasteland biking or camel riding.

Scientific Center 

You’ll spot this eye-catching constructing from miles away because of its extraordinary sail shape on the corniche. The call is particularly deceptive as what attracts people to the Scientific Center is the huge aquarium, one of the most important within the Middle East.

There are 4-meter lengthy spider crabs, a living reef and a few significantly cool fluorescent jellyfish right here to gawp at, but what will virtually make you gasp are the shark and ray tanks with floor-to-ceiling glass walls (gulp!).

Avenues Mall 

There are two essential buying experiences visitors to Kuwait can have: Avenues Mall and the souk. The former is one of the biggest malls inside the Middle East and agree with us, you’ll respect that air-conditioning if you’re there in summer season and the temperatures are hitting 50 tiers Celsius! You can understand why that is such a famous gathering point for human beings of every age and walks of life.

It’s certainly one of the first-rate things to do in Kuwait in case you want to get a flavor of people’s daily lives. Traditional components of the lifestyle are super to look however in reality a variety of Kuwait’s citizens like to hang out at Starbucks and shop in H&M and Chanel! Spend an afternoon humans-looking right here and you’ll get a brilliant information of the us of a.


From glossy modernity on the mall to the traditional souq, in which you’ll locate spices, local delicacies and a completely exceptional slice of day by day existence in Kuwait. It’s not your common touristy market, as it’s a place in which locals will go to do their shopping and gossip with friends. If you’re not too squeamish, check out the butcher’s avenue or the fish hall (now not for vegetarians!).

It’s also a exceptional vicinity to try real Middle Eastern food. It may be tasty, cheap and enough to preserve you going for days. Get a group of you collectively and head down to pass a morning exploring and eating.

House of Mirrors 

This isn’t just like the hall of mirrors at a funfair, don’t worry (no unflattering ‘stretching’ mirrors, here!). It’s sincerely an exquisite art collection and a piece of art in itself as every room has been adorned with reflected glass mosaics. It’s a private home created by way of an Italian artist and her overdue husband.

As it’s nonetheless a private domestic you have to make an appointment to set up a tour but these tours are intimate affairs that provide you with a hazard to fully appreciate what has been dreamed up right here. You additionally get tea and cookies, a large plus in our book! Each room has its own theme, from the universe, to knowledge, to the corridor of nations. It can’t be missed, agree with us!

Tareq Rajab Museum

A beautiful and unique series inside the basement of a huge villa in Jabriya, you can effortlessly pass over the building in case you don’t realize what you’re looking for as there’s no sign. The best clues to the treasure trove within are the carved timber door panels labored in metal.

It became at the beginning a non-public collection started out through the first minister for antiquities and his British wife; now it has grown into a appropriate ethnographic museum with masses to peer. Despite the points of interest of Bahraini pearls, ornate musical units and headdresses, the real jewels are the Arabic manuscripts inside the Calligraphy Museum.

It’s a lovely way to spend an hour or two so as to enjoy a small and fascinating museum that’s extraordinary from something you’ve seen before. There’s certain to be something uncommon right here, so it’s best for history fans

Go scuba diving

Forget Bali, Thailand and Australia, scuba diving in Kuwait is something you need to try. With astonishingly clear water and properly-preserved coral reefs, it’s the ideal area for underwater discovery.

There are also some small islands that make for extremely good dive sites, like Kobar Island with its soft, sandy beaches and calm waters. As properly because the coral landscape, which has survived pollution, there are lots of stingrays to swim with.

Wander Al Corniche

In many Middle Eastern countries, you’ll locate a variety of action on the waterfront, or the Corniche, and Kuwait isn't any exclusive. One of the positives of visiting a country so untouched with the aid of tourism is that you get greater of an possibility to see the actual facet of the region. Strolling along the Corniche in Kuwait City is one of the activities in Kuwait that helps you get in the direction of what the locals genuinely do.

Stretching from the Kuwait Towers inside the North to the Scientific Center at the southern end, this is over 10 kilometers of promenade, seashores and parks in which you’ll locate crowds gathering to socialise and try to catch some of that sea breeze. Stop at a coffeehouse or restaurant to look at the sun go down. See gangs of kids playing soccer at the beach or young couples chastely courting.

Much like with Moubarakiyya or Avenues Mall, it’s someplace you could humans-look ahead to hours to get a sense of what lifestyles is like in Kuwait.

Author: Syed Ameer   

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