Filipino driver faces legal charges for helping fellow OFWs escape in Kuwait

Filipino driver facing legal action after helping his fellow (OFWs) to escape from their employers in kuwait, reported the filipino times.

Filipino cab driver, named Jelamar Fuentes, was using the alias “Dave” on Facebook to talk to a number overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Kuwait who were intending to get away from their bosses GMA News report. The OFWs were purportedly abused by their bosses.


One of the discussions in the visit incorporate an OFW promising to pay Fuentes money if the cab driver will lift her up from employer’s residence.

Chargé d'Affaires Mohammad Noordin Lomondot said that the Filipino cab driver may deal with kidnapping charges for helping abused Filipinos escape from their bosses.

Lomondot said, We will give the lawful help to him." 

As far as it matters for Fuentes, he said he isn't anxious about the outcomes as his goals were just to encourage his comrades.

In May, at that point Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato Villa left the Gulf state after he was announced persona non grata.

The Kuwaiti government called the consideration of Villa with respect to the "ungraceful" rescue of OFWs led by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Kuwait additionally communicated alarm over the tasks and asked Villa to clarify for what reason a video showing rescue operations has been discharged to the media. 

The issue between the two nations were in the end settled through a bilateral labor deal.

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