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OFW in Kuwait Suffers Depression, Sits on The Edge of the Window

Too much loneliness could lead to depression. Most OFWs struggling to work abroad are suffering from the loneliness and some of them even lose control of themselves. Just like this OFW which can be seen in the images, sitting in the window of a high-rise building.

Facebook user, Anne Marie Deanon, was keen enough to take pictures of fellow Kabayan in Kuwait who can be seen sitting in a rather dangerous area of an apartment – the edge window.

According to Deanon, she has no other information, except from the woman’s name which is Johann. She is really worried on the woman and wanted to help her as much as possible. However, Deanon do not know where to report the incident and decided to post the images online, hoping that it will reach the designated government agency for immediate help.

Deanon is living in front of the apartment where the woman is currently situated. The address is Block 5, St 13, Surra, Kuwait.

Johann has no mobile number or any relatives to reach on. But still according to Deanon, the woman already wants to go back to the Philippines despite being in Kuwait only for 6 months.

Netizens were quick to respond and tagged some of the Facebook page of government agencies.

#bentulfo her to rescue..#bitag Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) Department of ForeiDepartment of Foreign Affairs Republic of the Philippines, says Adalia Rogelio Baluyot.

Some netizens felt totally pity on the woman’s current situation.

Kawawa nmn mga kabayan ntin nsisiraan ng bait. Ganyan khirap mag abroad. Kelangan tibay ng loob, says Arvin Andal.

kawwa nman bka mahulog sya dun. ano b ng yyari..says Joselyn Boncay.

na homesick tan di kinaya TAS sabayan pa ng mga among bruha at problima sa pinas di kakayanin kailangan pag lumabas ng Bansa natin tapang talaga tas pray sa awa ng DIOS 17 years na akong ng aabroad palipat lipat nalang ng Bansa kayanin pinasok natin to eh kabayan tawagan mo loob mo nawala,na siya sa katinuan kaluoy pud oi, says Betonio Cuyos Gina.

The Facebook post currently has 7,910 shares, 1, 242 comments and 1,775 shares.

Anne Post is deleted below video is from RMN Iloilp

Source: kwentongofw

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