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WATCH: Expat in Kuwait robs bank with toy gun

An expatriate in Kuwait has robbed a branch of the Gulf Bank in Hawali province by wearing a burqa and disguising himself as a woman.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said that the suspect was caught on camera while threatening the bank tellers with a toy gun.

The perpetrator entered the bank dressed in an abaya (all black cloak or dress) and niqab face veil.

The robber demanded the bank teller to hand over the money and threatened to fire his weapon and blow himself up otherwise. He escaped with nearly 4,500 Kuwaiti dinars.

Kuwaiti media reported that the armed robber had threatened the bank’s employees, saying: “Give me the money, I am not afraid to blow myself up”.

It appears that no one was heard while Gulf Bank thanked the “security authorities for their rapid response”.

The man was identified as a Jordan national and had confessed to committing the crime, reported Sky News.

Some of the money was recovered by the authorities while the suspect was referred to authorities for the legal proceedings.

The Gulf Bank confirmed that the incident indeed happened and has been taken care of.

“Gulf Bank asserts that an armed robbery has occured in one of its branches. The necessary measures have been taken immediately and the case is referred to the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Interior. Gulf Bank thanks the rapid response of the Ministry of the Interior and the security authorities,” wrote Gulf Bank on Twitter.

Source: alarabiya

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