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Getting A Job In Bahrain As A Foreigner

As with most countries, it’s always hard for a foreigner to find a secure and respectful job with a good compensation. Bahrain, compared to other countries is more welcoming towards foreigners and treat them well and reward them handsomely for their efforts. It’s always good to get as much information about the country when you plan to move to a new country in search of a job. Visit your home country’s foreign office to get as much information as possible about rules, customs, laws and other important things so that you can be well prepared and you will hopefully not have too many difficulties settling in.



Whether you plan to travel to Bahrain on a holiday or looking for new employment and business opportunities, having a sponsor is mandatory in any case. This person will assist you with all the paperwork which includes, getting a work or visit visa, a rental agreement if you plan on living in Bahrain and will also aid you in opening a bank account.

Job Portals and freelancing

The easiest way to look find a job in Bahrain is to first do a market research and find out if there are job openings related to your qualifications. You can check with job portals in your home country and they will assist you with the process of finding a job in Bahrain. In more recent times, people are moving to Bahrain in search of freelance jobs. If you believe you have the necessary skill set, keep a lookout for freelance postings. Another very popular job in Bahrain is the need for English teachers as the locals and foreigners usually converse in English. Both private and government schools have openings for good English teachers. If you’re well versed in Arabic, then you can apply for the job of a translator.

Working hours and culture

Salaries in Bahrain are very competitive and are at par with other countries or sometimes even exceed packages on offer in other countries. There is no income tax collected on salary and this makes Bahrain attractive for people looking to save money for their future. Based on rules that differ in every organization, long serving employees stand to earn a handsome gratuity at the end of their service. A typical working week in Bahrain stretches anywhere between 40 to 48 hours. During the month of Ramadan, all offices are expected to work for six hours a day. Weekends work a little differently as the working week is usually from Sunday to Thursday and in some companies, it’s between Saturday to Wednesday.


Almost all employees in Bahrain are contracted. This is a way of making sure the employees always perform their roles to the best of their ability and also this helps the organization in appraisals when they’re evaluating an individual’s performance.

Social security

All nationals of Bahrain are provided with a lot of support from the government. These include medical cover, maternity cover, pensions, welfare benefits. Foreigners are not covered under this, they can only avail medical facilities.

Keep in mind these points while making a decision to move to another country. Make an educated and careful decision to get along on the right foot.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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