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How to Get a Driving License in Bahrain

A person above 18 can apply for a driver’s license in Bahrain. You need to go to Traffic Directorate (Isa Town place). You also need to pass the medical test and take and pass the eye exam. After passing these exams, you also need to take instructional classes. And the last, you need to pass the practical driving test.

Steps in Applying for a Driver’s License in Bahrain

Things that you need/ Requirements:

  • Application form- You can acquire this at the Traffic Directorate
  • Copies of your passports
  • CPR (Bahraini identity document)
  • Your national driver’s license
  • 2 passport photos
  • 35BD (Bahraini Dinar) to 40BD (Bahraini Dinar)

For other information with regard to obtaining a driver’s license in Bahrain you can contact the General Directorate of Traffic on 1787 2222 / 1787 2287.

Some driving reminders:

All vehicles should be legally registered and insured.

  • All drivers should have their driver’s license with them.
  • Wear your seat belts.
  • Be aware of the speed limit.
  • Be aware and follow the traffic lights.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • In case you get into an accident you can call the emergency hotline number (999) or (199) for traffic police.

Bahrain's Traffic Law is implemented first and foremost to protect the citizens and to maintain the traffic safety on the road. Below is a list of various traffic violations:

Source: bahrainofw

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