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Marriage Law in Bahrain

Bahrain is actually an archipelago of small islands and a wedding there would be quite memorable. It is also one of the most liberal of the Gulf nations, thus organizing a wedding is pretty straight forward.

Bahrain respects all nations and religions hence when organizing a wedding it is important that you follow the requirements of your own country. The Ministry of Justice in Bahrain requires a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your embassy in order to register a marriage and issue a marriage certificate.


Usually one of the main requirements of an embassy is a residency of 21 days in order for a marriage banns to be issued. A marriage banns enables anyone to raise any canonical or civil legal impediment to the marriage, so as to prevent marriages that are invalid. You may also have to prove that you are not already married by producing a divorce decree for a previous marriage or proving that you have never been married before.

The costs of a wedding in Bahrain vary depending on a number of factors. Firstly you must consider the embassy charges, secondly it is important to remember that the venue will have its own charges and your nationality may also play a factor in the cost of your wedding.

Muslim marriage – Muslims can marry at the Ministry of Justice. In addition to the requirements of the embassy of the couple, the bride will have to provide a letter from her father showing that he is giving the bride and groom his blessing.

Roman Catholics – There are a few Roman Catholic Churches in Bahrain where Roman Catholics can marry. The bride and groom-to-be will have to fill out a marriage application form and have a couple of appointments with the priest to discuss the upcoming marriage and what it will entail.

Hindu wedding – No court documents are required for this wedding and while there are two Hindu temples in Bahrain, it is not a necessary venue for the wedding. The only requirement is that the banns is read at the Indian embassy for the requisite time period.

Civil marriage – a civil marriage is recognized in the Kingdom of Bahrain, however there are a few requirements which need to be adhered to. You have to provide the Ministry of Justice with an NOC from your embassy as well as your sponsor and your CPR (ID) card. The marriage can take place at any venue after the banns have been read.

British citizens who wish to give notice of marriage must meet the following requirements:

- The bride or the groom must be a citizen of Britain.
- One party must also hold a Bahrain resident visa

British citizens must also produce the following documents:

- Divorce papers in their original form (if applicable)
- Birth certificate
- Passport
- Must be resident in Bahrain for at least 21 days and hold banns for 21 days.

Source: expatwoman

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