‘3 types of work activities allow employers to apply for visas

Acting Director General of Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Ahmad Al-Mousa revealed about recruitment of workforce from overseas and issuance of work permits based on an amended mechanism determined by the ministerial Decision No. 647/2017 concerning issuance of work permits for three types of work categories.

In his statement, he said these three types of work activities allow employers to submit applications for work permits of their employees either through the concerned department’s website or directly at the labor departments. Al-Mousa explained that the first type includes sectors which are exempted from predetermined number of employees to be recruited from overseas.


It covers 21 work activities — companies fully owned by the government or with share of not less than 25 percent, hospitals, clinics, health centers and private clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and homecare (specialized technical profession), banks, insurance companies, investment companies, hotels, private universities and colleges, private schools and training centers (teaching staff), nurseries (technical professions), sports clubs, unions, NGOs, cooperative societies, labor syndicates, philanthropic and charitable organizations, industrial facilities and small enterprises, local and foreign aviation companies and agents for airlines and maritime.

Also included in the category are engineering, legal and financial consultant offices (specialized technical professions), local and foreign information media agencies, farming, hunting and herding, press houses (newspaper, television and radio channels, magazines and e-magazines which are not for advertisement), accredited vehicle agents, opticians and Forex companies accredited by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

The remaining four labor activities include schools for training glider flights and skydiving (technical profession), foreign investment, accredited by the Direct Investment Promotion Authority, yacht, leisure cruise ships with length not less than 60 feet, and companies in the excellent list based on administration Decision No. 1023/2016.

Al-Mousa explained that the second type is for employers who can recruit 25 percent of the total estimated labor needs from overseas. It covers 13 work activities — companies listed under the bourse, plane rental companies, companies classified by the municipality as contractor/entrepreneur and not importer, and those included in the first three classifications of the Central Agency For Public Tenders.

Others are — holding and limited companies, accredited trademarks agencies registered by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, companies specialized in the field of firefighting (recognized by Kuwait Fire Service Directorate), travel agencies licensed by the Civil Aviation Directorate, health clubs (specialized technical profession), cinema theaters and recreational cities.

The remaining three activities are — supermarkets of size not less than 1,000 square meters, industries licensed by the Public Authority for Industries, and companies which import medical equipment. Those in the third type do not fall under the first and second types.

Their capacity does not exceed 25 percent in the sense that the work permits do not exceed four, taking into consideration the estimated capacity set for the employer.

Regarding the government contracts, Al-Mousa revealed that such contracts have their own terms and conditions, as well as for small and medium enterprises based on the ministerial decision issued in this regard.

Source: arabtimesonline

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