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Visa Types In Kuwait

Here’s a list of main visa types for Kuwait.

Visit Visa

You have to be sponsored by a Kuwait company or a resident of Kuwait to get a visiting visa for Kuwait. Before you travel to Kuwait, you can get your visa processed and passport stamped by a Kuwait embassy.

You can get a visit visa in approximately 2 working days, while hotels can arrange for visit visas for business which takes up to 7 days.


Residence Visa

An expat needs a Kuwait residence visa or iqama to be able to live in Kuwait, except for GCC citizens. The three main residency visa types are; work visa, domestic, and dependent visa, and all three need a sponsor from Kuwait. If you have lived in Kuwait for a long time with a strong financial support, you can sponsor your own residence and choose to work or not.

As per articles 17 and 18 of the immigration regulations, a work visa is granted for public and private sector employees.  Once you have your offer letter of employment you can get a Kuwait residence visa on a work visa basis.  The Kuwaiti employer and sponsor will apply and do the necessary paperwork to get a work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor.

Transit Visa

If you need a transit visa while visiting Kuwait, the port authority in Kuwait will be able to assist you with that. The visa will be valid for 7 days maximum, and the fee for Kuwait transit visa is 2 Kuwaiti dinars. You will need a valid visa for the next destination along with a confirmed onward ticket.

Entrance Visa

The minimum criteria for eligibility for an entrance visa are 400KD. Joining providers can be issued a visa by the government and civil sector employees allowed by entrance visa.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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