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Medical Assistance & Emergencies in Oman

Medical Assistance & Emergencies

In emergencies dial 9999 for Police assistance.

Those with medical conditions (e.g., diabetes) should wear medical alert tags and carry a list of generic names of medications related to their condition. 

If injected medications are advised, ask if there is an oral formulation that you can take instead. If injections are necessary, insist on individually wrapped, disposable needles.

Many pharmacies offer round the clock service and provide a variety of prescription and over the counter drugs. Check the local newspaper or the English speaking evening news on TV for pharmacies on rotational 24 hour duty. 

Opticians and optometrists are readily available in the capital area and maintain regular business hours.


Oman Emergency Numbers

Police Emergency: 9999

Water Emergency: 153

Electricity Emergency: 154

Police Stations
Muscat Govenorate Police Headquarters: 24560021

Muscat Police Station: 24736611

Wattayah Police Station: 24677534

Ruwi Police Station: 24701099

Mutrah Police Station: 24712211

Bausher Police Station: 24600099

Al Amerat Police Station: 24875999

Qurayat Police Station: 24845555

Hospitals & Health Centres

A’ Nahdha Hospital: 24837800

A’ Seeb Health Centre: 24450494

A’Rahmah Hospital: 24815132

Adam Hospital: 25434355

Al Amrat Health Centre: 24876512

Al Buraimi Hospital: 25652319

Al Khaburah Health Centre: 26805055

Al Mazara Health Centre: 24842002

Armed Forces Hospital: 24617997

Badiya Hospital: 25583534

Bahla Hospital: 25419233

Barka Health Centre: 26882055

Bousher Health Complex: 24593311

Bukha Hospital: 26828562

Dagmar Health Centre: 24849033

Diba Hospital: 26836443

Eyty Health Centre: 24886007

Hail Al Gaf Health Centre: 24845340

Ibn Sina Hospital: 24577361

Ibra Hospital: 25571709

Ibri Hospital: 25691990

Izki Hospital: 25340042

Khasab Hospital: 26830187

Khoula Hospital: 24563625

Masirah Hospital: 25504363

Muscat Health Centre: 24738036

Mussanah Health Centre: 26860055

New Al Khoud Health Centre: 24537443

Nizwa Hospital: 25449361

Old Al Khoud Health Centre: 24513923

Quriyat Hospital: 24645003

Royal Hospital: 24590491

Rustaq Hospital: 26877186

Saham Hospital: 26840399

Sinaw Hospital: 25524338

Sohar Hospital: 26840399

Sultan Qaboos Hospital (Salalah): 23211151

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital: 24513355

Sumail Hospital: 25350055

Sur Hospital: 25540190

Tanam Hospital: 25699033

Umm Al Ghawrif Hospital: 23265000

Yanqul Health Centre: 25668033

Source: expatwoman

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