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Oman Work Visa procedure and guideline

Oman Work Visa procedure and guideline -Expats looking to live and work in Oman will require an Oman employment visa, a document that can only be obtained in partnership with a sponsoring Omani employer. Thus, it’s necessary to have a job before applying for this visa. Note that these visas are valid for two years, and allow for multiple entries. Omani authorities are becoming increasingly strict about the employment of foreign nationals, who require significant skills and employment experience to be assured of being granted an employment visa. In some cases, the authorities will need to be convinced that a position could not adequately be filled by an Omani citizen. If a visa application is denied, applicants are not entitled to an explanation from the consular authorities.


Oman Work Visa procedure and guideline Types

  • EMPLOYMENT VISA -Oman Work Visa

Oman Work Visa procedure and guideline -Validity


It is granted at the request of a local sponsor and on his responsibility to the foreigner coming to Oman for employment and whose age is not below 21 years old. The Visa shall be as follows:

  1. The validity of the visa: Within three months from the date of issuance.
  2. Valid for extension and multiple entries.
  3. Fees: 20 Omani Riyals.
  4. Fines for late renewal: (50) fifty Omani Riyals for each month.


The sponsor must be a local one with full legal capacity, and be responsible for the truth of the information given in the application form.

  1. The person for whom the employment visa is requested shall not be below 21 or above 60 calendar years.
  2. The person shall be of the same sex as stated in the labour permit, which was issued by the Directorate General of Labour Affairs.
  3. The occupation for which the visa is requested must be identical to the one stated in the labour permit.

Required attachments:

Submitting the electronic application form available through the website, to be endorsed and stamped by the sponsor, and to be typed in Arabic for Arab nationals and in English for Non-Arab nationals, enclosing the following documents:

  1. Two photographs size (4X6) cm.
  2. A copy of the foreigner’s passport provided it is valid for a period not less than six months.
  3. The original labour permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower and a copy thereof with each application form.
  4. In case the application is presented by someone other than the sponsor, the representative must be Omani and holding a written authorization issued by the Directorate General of Passport & Residence as per the sponsor’s request.
  5. A medical fitness certificate issued for citizens of some countries specified as follows by the Ministry of Health (India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia); certificate must be endorsed by the Ministry of Health.
  6. Copy of the approval of the concerned authority for specific professions such as Educational professions, Religious professions, Media professions, Medical, ….etc

Exceptional enclosures:

  • In cases of transferring the sponsorship within the Sultanate, there must be a release letter from the former sponsor and approved by the Directorate General of Labour. All violations, including the delay fine, must have already been settled when the visa application is submitted.
  • Some nationalities or categories need special permits, such as: (Filipino housemaids need labour permit from the Filipino Embassy and attested by Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) prior to the application.

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