Oman court convicts four companies for violating consumer law

A mobile phone dealer was sentenced to three months in prison and fined OMR2,000 after failing to rectify a customer's complaint.

The ruling was based on a complaint made by a consumer to the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP). 


A maintenance business owner was also sentenced to 10 days in prison and a suspension of work after the company failed to design windows and doors for a customer who had already paid an OMR3,000 deposit for the service.

Judges also ruled against another mobile store owner who refused to exchange a consumer's phone after it was revealed that the phone was previously used by someone else.

The fourth ruling involved a tailer who was fined and convicted for failing to adhere to the services agreed upon with a customer.

In all the cases PACP was able to take the necessary actions and file the cases to the Court of First Instance.

Source: timesofoman

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