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Procedure to get on Arrival Visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport for GCC Residents

If you are the holder of GCC Residence Permit, you can easily get on arrival visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport. GCC Residence permit holders can get on arrival visas of all the GCC countries except Saudi Arabia.


However, Saudi Iqama Holders enjoy this liberty of having on arrival visas of Qatar,Bahrain, and Kuwait as well. Today, we shall be explaining the detailed Procedure to get on Arrival Visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport for GCC Residents.

The most important requirement to issue on arrival visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport is to have an eligible profession on your Iqama or residence permit. Oman (Muscat) government issues on arrival visa to around 100 professions. List of professioneligible to get on arrival visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport is given in this link.

Iqama or GCC Residence permit holder will have to fill a form for on arrival visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport.

  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry
  • Iqama or GCC Residence permit must be valid.
  • Passenger must be having a return ticket
  • The passenger should not be blacklisted from entering to Oman (Muscat)

Individuals from all the nationalities are entitled to get on arrival visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport if they meet the above-mentioned criteria i.e. GCC Residence permit with the eligible profession.

The GCC Resident or Saudi Iqama Holder must be directly coming from the respective GCC country to get this visa. A Saudi Iqama holder must be coming from Saudi Arabia to Oman to get this visa.

The Fee for the On-Arrival Visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport is OMR 5.00 per passport. (SR 49). However, if someone does not leave Oman after the expiry of visa, a fine of OMR 10 SR 97) is imposed per person per day.

All the legal dependents including children under 18 and domestic workers are also eligible to get on arrival visa if a visa is granted to the guardian. They can only get a visa if they are entering the country along with guardian.

On Arrival Visa at Oman (Muscat) Airport is issued for 4 weeks initially and it is extendable by one more week.

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